Women's Circle: For almost 2 decades, Dr. Michelle Handwerker has been dedicatedto facilitating Women's Circles She has traveled far and wide in the service of the gathering of women in "Sacred Space."  The open invitation to women of all ages is dedicated to the deepening connection to a greater sense of purpose and peace within each participant.

Other Service InitiativesAs a member of the Professional and Scientific Board of Advisors for the Center of Crisis Management (an arm of Homeland Security), Dr. Steve has been working with various team members to create personal journals that reflect their professional experience. e.g. a nurse has provided details from her experience serving in Haiti.  Her journal provided procedural guides for the treatment and prevention of PTSD and means of supporting resilience in professionals serving in areas in need of support.

Building Interfaith Harmony together with members of various local religious organizations has been an effort Dr. Steve has been working on since 2000.  The members have worked within various communities to provide shared events between congregations of different faiths.  e.g. symposia and panels consisting of diverse religious leaders presenting their ideas on how to build greater understanding between faiths.  Over the years Dr. Steve has participated in presentations at a variety of venues, including universities and community centers.  These dialogues are invited as a way to enhance greater understanding of self and others and the movement toward greater heights of participation in the service of peace.

​​Crisis Intervention now consists of a multidisciplinary advisory team that includes members of "the Society for Peace, Conflict and Violence" (www.peacepsych.org)  The team works in areas of humanitarian and sustainable aid to educate, advise and support/train Haitian citizens and volunteers working on the ground in Haiti.  Liaisons working on this project have been working in the field with local teams, organizations and industries to provide financial aid and expertise as well as psychological support to community leaders Our volunteers are experts and students with expertise in mental health and medicine.  Adjunct members of our team include engineers and ecological technical professionals.

      The International Association for The Advancement of 

                                               Human Welfare

​                                                        (TIAAHW)


Conscientious Objectionis a decade long project that Dr. Steve has worked on along with Fr. John Paul Szura O.S.A..  They have worked

together for almost a decade in the exploration and promotion of the fundamental right (UDHR) of refusal to volunteer for military service based on reasons of

conscience.  Professionals and Experts from diverse fields including Military, Religion and Psychology are working have joined with them to pool resources to generate visibility to human rights and the voice of conscience regarding military service

​​​​The Humanitarian Sustainablity Initiative is an international advisory team that works on the development and implementation of sustainable interventions in diverse locales around the globe.  There are 5 pillars of support that guide the initiative's work.  The homeodynamic paradigm in the four years since the group's inception, has successfully supported populations in Haiti, Detroit, Appalachia, and North Carolina. The pillars represent humanitarian relief that includes:: fulfilling public health needs, both medical and psychological as well as short and long term; human rights education; and sustainability (including green technologies for living and thriving); infrastructure (including building familial community and village stability.  This is done through the facilitation of sacred circles; empathic listening and student/community leadership; economic development that is the sustainable byproduct of the other 4 pillars.