1.  Allow relaxation of your face, throat, hands and feet

2.  After experienceing a silence within you , allow the inhale and exhale flow of your breath tooccur as evenly and with as little tension as   possible.  Feel your tummy, ribs and chest expand as you inhale.

3With each inhale, receive light and energy through the nose, head and chest

4.  With each exhale, breathe out all insecurity, fear and pain.  Exhale through the mouth and allow the good feeling to replace the pain.  When you exhale, feel your tummy, ribs and chest relax.

5.  Observe your breathing NOW and how good your body feels.  Try to protect and save all your energies.

6.  The saving, building and using of energy needs YOUR willingness to change.  Do this practice to create and build peace and health inside.

7.  PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE  Practice especially when you awake in the morning; before you eat;  to relieve pain or when you feel badly; and just before you fall asleep.

   Support tools intended for individuals and groups to be utilized to enhancecultural and societal integration stability/sustainability.

1.  Allow yourself energy and time to think. BEFORE SPEAKING ALWAYS THINK FIRST ABOUT:

     (a)  Be aware of your thoughts and feelings and how you want to express them

     (b)  Why you need to express these feelings and thoughts

     (c)  How the other person(s) may be thinking and feeling

     (d)  Communicating without blaming

     (e)  How good communication is vital for survival and quality of life

2.  It is best to practice this when both people can listen, but any one person in the communication expertience can begin the practice of LISTENING

     (a)  Feeling within oneself the feelings of the other person

     (b)  Repeat back to the speaker what you heard as accurately as possible; like a mirror, with the words and the feelings you heard

3.  Communication involves giving and receiving.  The purpose of all communication is healing oneself and connecting to others in a peaceful way

4.  Creating PLANS OF ACTION



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