She is there ... inside you ... the woman who knows how to be wild, free, intuitive, powerful, and compassionate. It's time to find her again.

The Women's Circle is not a place to go to find quick solutions on how to be smarter, happier, more attractive, or more successful. It is a place to go to find permission to be what you were created to be and permission to live ...from your heart.

In the Women's Circle we follow time-honored traditions as we seek full awareness of what makes each of us come alive, what stirs our hearts.

• find a deeper understanding and connection what stirs our hearts – what makes us come alive
• leave expectations that are imprinted upon us behind
• give ourselves permission to release the woman who slumbers beneath the obligations of our daily lives
• balance our highest creative aspirations with our daily reality
• connect with our deepest feminine souls
• celebrate the true mystery and magnificence of Woman
• speak our own truths
• access the innate passion and power that lies dormant to enrich our lives and the lives of those we love
• embrace the inner strength within ourselves
• support and encourage the women who sit in the Circle
• connect to Mother Earth as we have never done before

The Women's Circle is about finding a way to live in a world of divine dichotomies:

when to be silent and when to speak out
when to hang on and when to let go
when to give and when to preserve time for yourself
when to surrender and when to take full command

If you are ready, willing, and able to commit to meeting monthly in Boca Raton, please join us as we celebrate the magic, mystery, and magnificence that is Woman.

Contact: Dr. Michelle Handwerker

                        The Women's Circle

                                          WHAT YOU CAN DO?

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 Levels of Involvement:

1) Expert Consultant contact: Dr Steven Handwerker;   Brian Alston; or

2)Participation in webinars; conferences; power point presentations; posting operational guides to this site;; contributing to professional journals.  contact:  Dr. Steven Handwerker

3 )On the ground support to community (Humanitarian Sustainability Initiative) processes according to expertise "pillar" and/or project contact: Dr. Steven Handwerker

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